Cook& hold oven with external smoker FAB52E

Dimensions: 785x860x925 mm. Power supply: 230 V. Capacity: 5 GN 2/1 or 10 GN 1/1. Pitch: 70 mm. Temperature: 30-160ºC.


• Tightness chamber with radiused corners
• Total thermic insulation with rock or glass wool
• Long lasting frontal seals made up of food grade of high heat resistance
• Static heating provided by low consumption wire heating element that coils up all the chamber
• Snap-shut door
• Tightness cavity with radiuses corners, built-in drip tray and drainage system
• Core probe with the possibility to register 30 different temperatures and save them in the HACCP report (available only with USB port device)
• Glazed door plus lighting
• Removable GN2/1 and GN1/1 tray racks
• External stainless steel smoke generator with ash tray
• Electronic control panel of temperature, time, core probe, Dt and smoking with LCD touchscreen
• Operating temperature 30°C – 160°C
• End-of-cycle buzzer
• Chamber with safety thermostat
• Internal drain for easy cleaning
• Delayed start timer