Refrigerated buffet Eros 5 R/L2

Dimensions: 1610x510x890 mm
Castors: Ø125 mm
Power supply:230 V; 356 W
Capacity: 5 GN 1/1-150

Refrigerated buffet, laminated wood structure or AISI 304 stainless steel structure. Sneezeguard with gull wing opening system and braking mechanism when closing down. Two frontal tip-up dish-holders included. AISI 304 stainless steel well, 18 cm. deep, equipped with drain cock. Static refrigeration of the well, gas R404a. Temperature controlled and regulated by digital thermostat. Lighting with neon lamp. Two castors with brake included.
Available in different colors. Also available with capacity of 4 and 3 GN 1/1-150.
– lower frame
– side laminated wood small dish-holder
– closed cabinets lower parts in laminated wood
– s/steel grid GN 1/1
– s/steel tube tray-slide
– s/steel junction
– laminated wood dish-holder for island buffets
– side s/s tube small dish-holder
– s/steel closed cabinets lower parts
– s/steel tube tray-slide for island buffets