Combi oven UNOX XEBC-04EU-E1R

Dimensions: 860x957x675 mm. Capacity: 4x 600×400 mm. Pitch: 80 mm. Voltage: 400V-3N/ 230V-1N. Electrical power: 7,4 kW.


Manual baking modes: convection baking 30-260°C; mixed steam and convection baking 35-260°C, with steam 30% to 90%; mixed humidity and convection baking 35-260°C, with steam 10% to 20%; steaming 35-130°C with steam technology 100%; dry air baking 30-260°C with dry technology 10% to 100%; core probe; delta T baking with core probe. Advanced and automatic baking programming: draw baking process made of infinite steps with one simple touch; store up to 256 user’s programs; possibility to assign a name and picture to the stored programs; save recipe name by writing it (in any language). Air distribution in the baking chamber: multiple, reversing fans; 4 air speeds, programmable; 4 semi static baking modes, programmable. Clima management in the baking chamber: high performance moisture and humidity extraction, programmable by the user; baking with humidity extraction 30-260°C; steaming 35-130°C; combination of moist air an dry air 35-260°C. Double stack column: allows double-stack oven columns to be created. Thermal insulation and safety: maximum thermal efficiency and working safety (cool door and external surfaces); fan impeller brake to contain energy loss at the door opening. Automatic cleaning: 4 automatic washing programs with detergent and water presence control; detergent tank integrated in the oven. Patented door: door hinges made of high durability and self-lubricating techno-polymer; door locking positions at 60°-120°-180°. Auxiliary functions: preheating temperatures up to 260°C; visualisation of the residual baking time (when baking not using the core probe); holding baking mode “HOLD”; continuous functioning “INF”; visualisation of the set and real values of time, core probe temperature, cavity temperature, humidity, fan speed; temperature unit in °C or °F. Technical details: rounded stainless steel (AISI304) cavity for hygiene and ease of cleaning; chamber lighting through external led lights; steam proof sealed control panel; high-durability carbon fibre door lock; door drip pan with continuous drainage, even when the door is open; high capacity appliance drip pan; light weight – heavy duty structure using innovative materials; proximity door contact switch; autodiagnosis system for problems or brake down; safety temperature switch; openable internal glass to simplify door cleaning; stainless steel L-shaped rack rails with notched recesses for easy loading.