Bone saw SO Inox

Models with different blade length are available: 1) Model: SO 1650 Inox. Dimensions: 510x545x816 mm. Blade length: 1650 mm. Working surface: 430×545 mm. 2) Model: SO 2020 Inox. Dimensions: 560x568x1030 mm. Blade length: 2020 mm. Working surface: 480×600 mm. 3) Model: SO 2400 Inox. Dimensions: 750x715x1670 mm. Blade length: 2400 mm. Working surface: 510×710 mm. 4) Model: SO 3100 Inox. Dimensions: 966x840x1900 mm. Blade length: 3100 mm. Working surface: 795×810 mm.


Made out of stainless steel AISI304. Interlocked bone chip tray accessible from outside. The door can be easily removed for smoother cleaning tasks. Easily removable and replaceable scrapers. Controls in stainless steel class IP67. The machines use tempered 16 mm blades to shred bone, frozen or fresh.