Boiling kettle KPEM-100-OMR with mixer

Dimensions: 1266x861x1170 mm. Capacity: 100 l. Power: 19,7 kW.


KPEM-100-OMR electric tilting boiling pan with a mixer is designated for cooking such products as: broth, soup, porridge, etc. and for boiling water at small and medium -sized catering or food industry enterprises. The volume of the boiling pan is 100 liters. The boiling pan is equipped with an easy removable mixer for mixing the products being cooked. The mixer has regulable speed of rotation and a reverse mode. The products can be prepared as with mixing so without it. The cooking temperature is up to +100°C. The water is heated by a “steam water jacket”. The heating power is regulated by a 3 position rotary switch. In case if there is no water in the “steam water jacket” the heating will stop automatically. When the product is being drained, the lid can be fixed in the upper position. The drain of the readymade product is done by “manual” tilt of the boiling pan reservoir. The facing of the boiling pan is done from stainless steel AISI 304, the bowl – from stainless steel AISI 321. The boiling pan support is to be mounted to the floor surface either by encasing in concrete or with the help of anchor bolts.